Exercises for breast enhancement

Most women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts for one reason or another usually take to surgery to have them augmented. Plastic surgeons have performed numerous surgeries to help women have bigger breasts ever since breast enhancing surgeries became popular. The cosmetic industry has also benefited a lot from women spending money on expensive breast enhancing creams.
Even though they are popular, breast enhancement surgery and enhancement creams are not the only option for women who desire bigger breasts. There are a number of exercises which can be performed to help increase breasts size. These exercises work by building the pectoral muscles which are found underneath the breast tissue. Here are four of them which you can perform daily from the comfort of your home to help you have a bigger bust.

Push ups

Push up are the most important exercises to perform for a bigger bust size. They are the most effective way of working out the pectoral muscles. You should aim to do at least 20 push ups per day if you want a bigger bust.
How to perform push ups: Lie on your stomach, place your hands in front of your shoulders and ensure they are flat on the floor. Using your palms as a means of support, raise your body from the floor and then slowly bring it down again until it’s parallel to the floor. You should make sure your back is as straight as possible when lifting yourself up from the floor, only your knees should bend. Repeat the process about 10 times.

Dumbbells chest press

This is the second most effective exercise to perform for a fuller chest.
How to do this exercise: you will need a bench and dumbbells to perform this exercise. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lie on your back on a bench with your feet touching the ground at a 90 degrees position. Begin to do press ups and repeat this process several times. You should undertake this exercise at least 10 times a week for better results.

Wall press

This is a simple exercise which will help enhance your breasts.
How to do it: stand in front of a wall and lay your hands against it. You should then do push ups, making sure to concentrate on the chest area.

Chest dips

Doing chest dip exercises is also an effective and easy way of enhancing your bust.
How to perform these exercises: squat on the floor with your knees facing upwards and your palms touching the floor. Your hands should be behind you. Lower yourself to the ground by bending your elbows and bring yourself up again just before you touch the ground. Repeat this process a number of times.

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